CRE Academy

In order to perpetuate the success of our Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Community, it is important to pass on our experience. It is imperative that we identify college students and young professionals that have an interest in pursuing a career in any aspect of CRE and groom them for careers in our industry. There are a number of baby boomers who are phasing out of their work lives and millennials will need to be prepared to make major contributions to our industry.

Throughout, today at the CRE Summit, and throughout 2017 we will be working and reaching out to solicit the initial CRE Academy. We will be asking our CRE PROFESSIONALS from all disciplines to volunteer for a mentor role, an effort which will be no more than one hour per week. Creighton, University of Nebraska Omaha, and University of Nebraska Lincoln students will be mentored.

This effort will be a tremendous opportunity to meet potential recruits for your firms and to provide them with wisdom, direction and tools so that our mentees enter the workforce with some knowledge and an initial roadmap which will lead them to successful careers.

The CRE Summit is committed to continue to broaden its impact on the Omaha Commercial Real Estate Community, The Business Community and to our academic partners, and the CRE Academy is aligned with those values.

Please consider participating in this innovative and important initiative which we all can agree will lead to very positive outcomes for both mentors and mentees resulting in great benefit to our community as a whole. Please sign up online here.

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