New Interest in Real Estate Appraisal Career

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We had the opportunity to discuss the growing class sizes and interest in Commercial Real Estate as a profession with UNO professor David Beberwyk.

Professor Beberwyk reported that there are 109 students in the freshman Appraisal class. The spring semester class has recently been added to the class offerings due to demand. And, this enrollment is more than double the normal size of this class.

While there may be many reasons for this increase, one may be the requirements have changed. Students of Real Estate Appraisal in past graduating classes have had to go on to more classes and testing to acheive their appraisal licensing. Recently, however, UNO's program has been recognized and now graduates can become licenses as part of their UNO degree.

Professor Beberwyk is a Real Estate Instructor and the Director of Administration and Academics for the Center for Real Estate and Asset Management at UNO. He is a licensed Nebraska Real Estate Broker and concurrently maintains a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license. He has worked in the commercial, governmental, and residential property management sectors, and has experience with real estate brokerage operations, environmental management, and commercial/residential consulting.

Attorneys at Smith Slusky Law are offering to guest lecture, mentor and attend the UNO Real Estate club. All in efforts to bring more qualified professionals into the real estate profession.

Thank you, Professor Beberwyk for all your work with the next generation of professionals.

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